Dancing - The Trapdoor of Hell

The following article is from a local newspaper of 1919 covers the visit to Rosemarket by the Evangelist: Mr W.M. Griffiths

26th February 1919 

Perils of Dancing  

TRAP DOOR OF HELL - Evangelist Griffith’s Pembrokeshire Campaign

Mr W. M. Griffiths. The Welsh "Billy Sunday," is on a tour through Pembrokeshire.  

[Note:  Billy Sunday was a prominent American evangelist 1862-1935 who campaigned for the prohibition of alcohol in the USA].

He has already visited several places Haverfordwest, Milford Haven, Neyland, Goodwick, Sardis, Rosemarket, etc. And in all these places there are many signs of good work being accomplished.  

It has proved to be one of the most successful missions in Pembrokeshire for many years. Wherever he goes the missioner is fearless in denouncing the evils of day, and he is also sympathetic in his appeals. Reports have appeared of his visits to some of the above places.  

Last week he visited ROSEMARKET AND SARDIS 

On Saturday evening he held two open air meetings in which there was a splendid representation of the churches at Rosemarket and Sardis.  

There turned up also a good number of children who had been taught during the mission week several choruses, and these they sang most heartily.  

The last stand was taken outside the School House at Rosemarket where a social dance was to take place on that very night, but it is understood that several of those who had intended to go to the social and dance decided to abandon and attend the mission service at the Chapel.  

During the week the missioner had denounced dancing as one of the greatest perils of the day to young people of both sexes. He unhesitatingly (as one who has had an experience of it) warned them “not to be deceived and misled by the devil to this trap door of hell."  

The missioner had a rather unpleasant experience on Wednesday night. He stayed at the School House throughout the week and on Wednesday night the Anglican Church Choir had a supper at the school room, which was followed by a dance.  

Whilst he was in his bed he could hear the most unearthly whooping’s, yelling’s, dancing, and a most fearful stamping of feet, etc., going on until 12.40 the following morning.  

It may be that they thought of having a "good time" to the missioner on account of his denunciations of dancing during the week.  

However, the missioner was not by any means daunted by that, for on the following Saturday night he held an open-air meeting opposite the School-room and proclaimed the Divine Word. "There is a way that seemeth right unto man but the end thereof are the WAYS OF DEATH."  

He warned parents with a tremendous solemnity, not to allow their sons, and especially their daughters, to be allured into this evil (though looked upon as respectable by many) allurement.  

It is but fair to say that many of the parents at Rosemarket listened to his warnings and endeavoured to carry them out, much to their credit.  

The missioner gives instances of dancing leading to immorality and shame and even to death.  

He referred to one incident which took place last Saturday week at Abertillery, Mon., where a young woman was returning from a dance. Whilst she was in the company of a young man parading the platform waiting for the late-night train, a train came into the station suddenly, and she was knocked and killed outright. Poor girl: said he, hurled into eternity after being in a dancing- room.  

After dancing, judgment. The missioner was quite a success at Rosemarket as he has been in other places, for during the week 48 souls came out to confess Christ as their personal Saviour. This is very encouraging especially in these days when conversions are rarely witnessed.  

Mr Griffiths is a living witness to the power of the Gospel of Jesus, to save the vilest of sinners, and he is not afraid nor ashamed of standing up as a poor sinner saved by the Grace of God. That is just why he is so intensely enthusiastic in his missions for the saving of young men and women from all the allurements of the devil in whatever form they may meet."