Minutes Book

According to records held by the Museum of Welsh Cricket, Rosemarket Cricket Club was formed during the 1860s, with the first games on record being reported in 1866. In the decades that followed, Rosemarket cricket evolved with teams from the school and members of the community playing other local teams at different times. It was during the late 1940s that Rosemarket Cricket Club became more formally known.

A Minutes book from 1948 is held at Pembrokeshire Archives. Unremarkable in its outward appearance, an A4 portrait pre-lined notebook, with handwritten entries throughout, this is a fascinating document. The first entry states that "a general meeting was held in Rosemarket Village Hall on Monday night 2nd February 1948 at 7.45pm with a view of forming a cricket team". Details of all the various decisions and tasks were carefully noted, with the same approach being taken for all the subsequent meetings recorded in the book. Rosemarket Local History Society is reviewing the content of the book as part of our research and will publish further insights on an ongoing basis.


 Front Cover, Minutes Book, Rosemarket Cricket Club, 1948


Page One, Minutes Book, Rosemarket Cricket Club, 1948

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