Local Folklore

Folklore can be described as the traditional beliefs, customs and stories of a community, passed through the generations by word of mouth. Rosemarket Local History Society is investigating what folklore exists for our village and is keen to hear from anyone who can contribute to our research in this area.

For example, we have heard stories that a "Gallows Tree" existed on The Lane between Front Street and Middle Street and that this was sited within or on the edge of the old market place. Some believe this to be the location of hangings.

There is also the tale of the "Horses and Canon Disaster" during the First World War. One night during a fierce storm, a flash of lightening frightened a team of horses at the nearby Hearson Army Camp. This caused the horses to bolt, towing a gun behind them. They ran all the way to Rosemarket and onto The Beacon, where a quarry was once located. Sadly the bolting horses fell into the quarry and died.