In Touch - Community Newsletter

David Wildman served as a County Councillor and was elected in 1999 as a Community Councillor for both Burton and Rosemarket Community Councils. 

A community newsletter for Burton was often discussed but never got off the ground, so David and his wife Margaret took it upon themselves to produce an 8-page newsletter. They paid for it themselves and delivered a copy to every household in Burton and Rosemarket. 

They later received some sponsorship to help with the production costs, as well as contributions from both Burton and Rosemarket community councils. Eventually volunteers from both communities helped to deliver the newsletters on a quarterly basis.  

These newsletters were packed with interesting articles that were produced from residents living in these communities. 

Unfortunately, when David and his wife retired in 2013, no one was able to continue producing it and sadly it came to an end.

We will be uploading copies of these newsletters periodically. 

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