Newspaper Articles

The following articles are taken from published reports in local newspapers at the time. 

Inspectors Report, Rosemarket School
22nd December 1909 
His Majesty's Inspector's report on Rosemarket Non- Provided School was read, showing that the new buildings were not satisfactory.  

The wall was so damp that pictures could not be hung on the wall, and the colouring was coming off.  

The cloakroom was in a similar condition, while the main room was overcrowded.  

There were often 80 children present, although there was adequate accommodation for only 60.  

The report also called attention to the hedge and the rough stones in front of the school, which were rather inconvenient and somewhat dangerous to the younger children.  

Replying to this report, the Managers regretted the present damp state of the walls, but they were doing their best to remedy it.  

At the same time, they asked if the Local Education Authority was not responsible for the defective drainage of the buildings.  

With regard to the revised accommodation, it was pointed out that the Board of Education had approved of the plans of the new school on January 11, when the accommodation to be provided was considered satisfactory, and it was impossible to do more than was done at present with the space at the Managers' disposal. 

4th March 1910


As the average attendance in the mixed department of the Rosemarket N.P. School must not exceed 60, a letter was received from the Managers suggesting that a cloakroom be converted into a classroom, and that some of the scholars be drafted to other schools.  

The managers were requested to submit a plan as to what they intend doing in this matter. 

1st June 1983, Western Telegraph (local newspaper)

A colour television set was presented to Rosemarket School last week by First Petty Officers of the US Naval Facility, at Bawdy. The men and women at the base had responded to an appeal by one of the school governors, Mrs Barbara Summons, and raised the money for the television set. Several representatives of the First Petty Officers attended the presentation ceremony, along with school governors, staff and children. As a gesture of appreciation, the 35 children at the school gave the First Petty Officers a book giving a brief history of the school in writing and pictures. The school's headmaster, Mr Geoffrey Nicolle, also expressed thanks on behalf of the school, for the gift.