Rosemarket School during the 1950s

The following photos were recently uncovered by village resident and Rosemarket Local History Society committee member, Ashley Warlow.

Ashley attended Rosemarket School during the 1950s (when Mr T A Bowen was headmaster), and has kindly shared these photos from his personal collection.

Upper class at work
The school was divided into classes, sometimes just two and in later years, three separate classes. These were for the upper (older) children, junior age and infants.

This photo, dating from c1955, shows the older boys at their desks. Note the wooden-framed screen behind the desks, used to separate the infant class from the older children.

Ashley can be seen in the front row, on the far left of the photo.

Note also the double school desks, which were common in all schools during this period. The lids would lift up on hinges so that pens, books etc could be kept inside. Each pupil had an inkwell in the corner of their desk, as in that era, writing was only with pen and ink.

Model pupils
In 1957, Ashley and his some of his class mates constructed a model of Rosemarket village for a project. Here they are in this photo proudly presenting their work.

Ashley is on the far left of the photo, holding the paint brush.

Rosemarket was of course much smaller than it is today. At the time the model was constructed, there was approximately 70 properties in the village as construction had been recently completed on Ellesmere Avenue and St Leonards Park.

The whole school
This photo shows the whole school and is from 1957.

Ashley can be seen in the back row, 4th from the right. Some of our older readers may recognise themselves or family members in the photo.


Rosemarket Local History Society continues to research into Rosemarket School and would like to hear from anyone with personal recollections they would like to share.