Rosemarket School

Extensive research undertaken by Geoffrey Nicolle during the 1980s on the history of Rosemarket included some work on the topic of education and specifically, the development of a school in the village. This was something of particular interest to Geoff as he himself was appointed headmaster of Rosemarket Primary School in 1965, a role he held for nearly 20 years.

Rosemarket Local History Society has been granted access to Geoff’s research which includes many photographs, including the image below, from February 1929.

 Geoff’s collection also includes a photograph from 1901, captioned ‘children on parade’. The headmaster of the school at that time was Alexander Cattanach, who is pictured on the far left. Note the flags and medals on display.

 Rosemarket Local History Society continues to review the material kindly provided by Geoff Nicolle and is working to publish a full and comprehensive history of Rosemarket School.