Accidents in Rosemarket

Below are some incidents reported in local newspapers at the time.

 Accident  - Mr Cattanach
August 2nd, 1901

A somewhat serious accident befell Mr Cattanach, on July 23rd. He was one of a Party consisting of the choir and a number of friends of Rosemasrket Church, who were returning in brakes from Fishguard, where a most enjoyable day had been spent.

Watering the horses at Ford, moat, one of the parties jumped down to stretch their legs.

Mr Cattanach, who was with the Vicar on the box seat, jumped down also (there being no step), but his right foot momentarily caught sufficiently in the spokes of the wheel, as to give it a nasty wrench, and he came with a thud to the ground.

A long mackintosh that he was wearing seems to be the cause of his not clearing the wheel.

All ran to assist, and first aid with bandages was given by the kind landlord.

On reaching Haverfordwest, the Vicar secured the services of Dr. Williams who is attending to Mr Cattanach now.

The result of the accident was that two small bones Were broken, and the ligaments raptured causing partial dislocation of the ankle. He must remain in bed for a month at least.

 Mr Cattanach (junior), of the Leicester Higher Grade School Is now here on holidays and will take his father's place until he is required to resume his own duties.

The Day School will have their annual Entertainment and Tea on Wednesday and Thursday, (August 14th and 15th) respectively. Doors open at 7pm; for entertainment.


Serious Accident on Merlin's Hill 
June 20th, 1917

On Sunday afternoon a serious accident occurred at the Merlin's Hill, Haverfordwest, to Miss Martha Davies, a young woman 20 years of age, in service at Slebec, who was cycling to her home at Rosemarket.

It appears that Miss Davies lost control of her bicycle, and ran into the pine end of one of the houses at the bottom of the hill.

She was badly bruised about the face and one of her hands and was stunned by the impact. She was taken on an ambulance to the infirmary where her injuries were attended to by Dr Mills.

No bones were broken and although the accident was of a serious nature, we are glad to learn that the young woman's condition is not critical, and that she is making favourable progress.