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We are a group of volunteers interested in the ancient village of Rosemarket in Pembrokeshire. With a story that began in the Iron Age some 2000 years ago, we research and publish articles across a wide range of topics, with new content added to this website on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to share stories, photographs or memories of life in Rosemarket, please email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Remembrance Sunday events in Rosemarket 2023

Rosemarket Country Club

Successful first public meeting, September 2023

Visit to Museum of Scrimpinology, July 2023

Chapel - updated and new photos

Visit to Rosemarket Rath, June 2023

Last days of Rosemarket Cricket Club - newspaper cuttings 

Westfield Mill Railway Crossing - RARE Archive photography





Featured articles

Rosemaket Village Introduction and Overview

John Heath - living in Rosemarket during the 1950s

The Lost Market

Rosemarket Cricket Club


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Remembrance Sunday 2023

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We would like to thank the residents of Rosemarket, past and present, Geoffrey Nicolle & family, St Ismael's Church, Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS), PLANED, The Pembrokeshire Hunt, other local history groups across Pembrokeshire, and Pembrokeshire Archives for their continued support.

Community Changemakers FundWe would also like to thank the Community Changemakers Fund for awarding us a grant to help with the development of this website. The Community Changemakers Fund is an initiative set up by South West Wales Connected Community Rail Partnership to support communities along the railway line to make change happen in their local places.

St Ismael’s Church, Rosemarket
St Ismael’s Church, Rosemarket

Rosemarket, Pembrokeshire


We are a group of local volunteers with an interest in the history of our village. If you would like to get involved, please email: history@rosemarkethistory.org.uk

Rosemarket Local History Society is undertaking a written and oral histories project. If you or someone you know would like to share stories, photographs or memories of life in Rosemarket, please get in touch.