Newspaper Reports

Rosemarket People Want a Market Train
The following was discovered having been reported in local newspapers on 5th April 1901.

"We hear that the inhabitants of Rosemarket are about to petition the Great Western Railway Co. to give them a train service once a week to enable them to attend the Haverfordwest Saturday market.

Although the railway runs past the village, the inhabitants at present have to make their journey by road, as the nearest stations, Johnston and Neyland, are more than two miles away.

All the Rosemarket people wish for, is that one of the ordinary up trains on Saturday morning should be allowed to take up passengers at Rosemarket Crossing for Haverfordwest; and that they may be allowed to return by one of the ordinary down trains the same afternoon.

Such a train would be a great boost to the Rosemarket, people, and would be made use of by large numbers.

We feel sure that the Railway Company would be more than compensated for the extra expenditure which such an arrangement might involve."