Drowned at Westfield

Reported in the newspapers on March 1st, 1901

The coroner (Mr H. J. E. Price) held an inquest on Tuesday, at the crossing keeper's house, Westfield, on the body of a mason, aged 64 years, named John Howells, who was drowned in the leet at Westfield crossing on Sunday last.

A jury was sworn with Mr W. Davies, J.P, as foreman.

From the evidence of a man named Benjamin Underwood, it, appeared that the deceased, who lodged at Sardis, in the parish of Burton, left home three weeks ago last Monday to work at Neyland.

They found the frost too hard to allow them to work, and both went and had a pint of beer each.

Underwood then left him, and the deceased was not seen again until his dead body was discovered on Sunday.

A verdict of found drowned was returned, with a rider to the effect that the Railway Company should take steps to protect the leet to prevent a repetition of such an accident.